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SOW Professional Partners RyteGate Technologies

SOW Professional Services Ltd, a Management Consulting Firm in Nigeria, is thrilled to announce today 30th of August, 2021, that it has entered a new strategic partnership with RyteGate Technologies, a Canadian based System Development Company on Product Management and Distribution.

RyteGate is a global leader in IT solutions. A company well known for providing state of the art software solutions for over 15 years with a client base that spans across the globe. RyteGate’s headquarters is located in Toronto Canada and is now expanding its operations to West Africa, providing asset management and GPS security solutions through SecuriShield.

This partnership will combine SOW Professional business expertise in Financial Services, Human Resources, Tax and Management Consulting with RyteGate Technologies expertise over provision of Solutions, Services, IT consulting, outsourcing, and software development that are built for today’s increasingly demanding business environment. It is through such partnership that among many significant business values, SOW Professional find another agile and prestigious Partner in the West.

Samuel Omofojoye, Director at SOW Professional said: “We, at SOW Professional are proud to engage in such a relationship with RyteGate Technologies. We believe is a perfect, fit for our Local and International customers that need solutions in the rapidly changing and challenging business environment. We are looking forward into strengthening and developing this partnership further towards achieving common goals”.

As SOW Professional continues to grow and expand, we want to offer more business value to our customers. To that extent, it became abundantly apparent that SOW Professional, together with RyteGate Technologies, are committed to stay always motivated to achieve higher customer satisfaction through intensive technology research and system enhancements according to the trend of the business environment we found ourselves.

During the Partnership, SOW Professional have the right to market, sell, promote and maintain Stride ERP’s suite. Stride ERP is an extremely robust and cost-effective business process management software, specifically designed to help small, medium, and large enterprises manage and automate back-office functions, related to project management, payroll, budgeting, human resource administration, invoicing, purchasing, vendor management, financial reporting etc. Integrating Stride into your business gives you an immediate advantage over your competitors.