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It is an application form designed by Central Bank of Nigeria to pay for service transactions (invisible trade)

The form allows customers to purchase funds at the CBN or interbank rate to make payments for eligible services as predetermined by the Foreign exchange manual.

The prevalent services Form A is utilised for are:

  • School fees
  • Medical bills
  • Training Courses
  • Mortgage and other business services.

How do I complete a “Form A” application?

  1. Once you have accessed the Nigerian government’s Trade Monitoring System, click “Applicant”

Register as an Individual (entering your BVN)

2.If it says your BVN is invalid, please check your email linked to the BVN

  1. Click “Trade Services” and choose the trade category (for example: Education Fees or Personal Travel Allowance)
  2. Click valid for Forex (yes)
  3. Enter the beneficiary information found in your payment instructions.
  4. Enter the destination currency. Choose from CAD, EUR, JPY, NGN, GBP, SAR, CHF, USD or CNY as per the location of your institution/invoice
  5. Choose the payment mode between Telex or SWIFT.

Enter the payer account details

  • Note that you may enter your own details, those of a parent, sponsor or so on


Evidence to attach

  1. Passport
  2. Offer letter
  3. If going for a Masters or PhD, attach your transcript and diploma
  4. Authorization letter.


  • Duly completed Form A
  • International passport
  • Application letter
  • Admission letter from the school
  • Invoice/bill from the school
  • Valid ID card & BVN of the applicant
  • Evidence of first-degree certificate (for postgraduate students)
  • Tax clearance certificate.


For more information on FORM A and processing of Tax Clearance Certificate, you can reach out to us at SOW Professional Services Ltd for further assistance.


Whassapp:   07038254989

Phone:          08152451523.