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Annual Returns Deadline Extended

Annual Returns Deadline Extended

Annual Returns Deadline Extended.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has extended the filing date for

Companies Income Tax Returns for the 2022 Year of Assessment to August 31,

According to the FIRS, the extension is for companies who were unable to meet

up with the earlier deadline of June 30, 2022.

FIRS in a statement signed by its Executive Chairman, Muhammad Nami, noted

that it took the decision after receiving “numerous calls from companies for the

extension of time to submit the Companies Income Tax (CIT) returns for the 2022

year of assessment falling due on 30th June 2022.”

The release stated that as a measure of goodwill by the Service and in line with
relevant provisions of the Companies Income Tax Act, it had directed that all
Companies whose Companies Income Tax returns for 2022 Year Of Assessment,
that fall due between 30th June and 31st August 2022 (both days inclusive), were
given up to 31st August 2022 to submit their returns to the Service. It went further
to state that the extension is a one-off gesture by the Service for only the 2022 Year
of Assessment

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