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What Is Dun And Bradstreet?

What is Dun and Bradstreet?

What is Dun and Bradstreet?

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is a global provider of business information and insights. Founded in 1841, it is one of the oldest and most well-known business data companies in the world. Dun & Bradstreet collects, analyzes, and delivers commercial data on businesses of all sizes, across various industries and regions.

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) itself is not a certificate; rather, it is a company that provides business information and insights. One of the key products offered by Dun & Bradstreet is the D-U-N-S Number, which serves as a unique identifier for businesses in their database. While obtaining a D-U-N-S Number from Dun & Bradstreet is often a prerequisite for certain business activities, such as applying for government contracts or establishing business credit, it is not a certificate in the traditional sense.

Instead, the D-U-N-S Number is a numerical identifier assigned to a business entity, similar to a registration number. It is used by various organizations, including government agencies, financial institutions, and business partners, to verify the identity and credibility of a business.

 Here are some key aspects of Dun & Bradstreet:

  1. Business Information Services:
    • Dun & Bradstreet offers a wide range of services and solutions designed to help businesses make informed decisions. These include credit risk assessment, supplier risk management, marketing data, sales intelligence, compliance solutions, and more.
  2. D-U-N-S Number:
    • One of Dun & Bradstreet’s most recognizable products is the D-U-N-S Number. This unique nine-digit identifier is assigned to each business entity in Dun & Bradstreet’s database. It serves as a universal standard for identifying and tracking businesses worldwide.
  3. Credit Reports:
    • Dun & Bradstreet provides credit reports and scores that assess the creditworthiness of businesses. These reports include information on a company’s payment history, financial stability, public records, and more. They are commonly used by lenders, suppliers, and other businesses to evaluate credit risk.
  4. Risk Management Solutions:
    • Dun & Bradstreet offers risk management solutions that help businesses identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with their customers, suppliers, and partners. These solutions include credit risk monitoring, fraud detection, compliance solutions, and supply chain risk management.
  5. Marketing and Sales Solutions:
    • Dun & Bradstreet provides marketing and sales solutions that help businesses identify and target prospects, enhance customer relationships, and optimize sales performance. These solutions leverage Dun & Bradstreet’s extensive database of business information to deliver actionable insights.
  6. Government Solutions:
    • Dun & Bradstreet serves government agencies with solutions tailored to their specific needs. These include data management, risk assessment, compliance services, and transparency solutions for government procurement processes.
  7. Data and Analytics:
    • Dun & Bradstreet collects and analyzes vast amounts of data from various sources to generate actionable insights for businesses. Their data and analytics solutions help businesses identify growth opportunities, optimize operations, and make informed decisions.

How to Register for D-U-N-S Number

To start the registration process, kindly follow this link – Supplier Registration – Dun & Bradstreet (

Provide the basic details, select Nigeria as your country, select your Annual Turnover category and click “Register”. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided automatically, please check your Junk/Spam box if not seen in your inbox.

Upon logging in again, please do the following.

  • Choose a Client you wish to register with (E.g., “ExxonMobil, Nigerian Breweries etc.”) and click “Make Payment”. On the next page, choose the mode of payment you prefer – Online via Flutterwave or alternatively, pay the fee corresponding to your company’s turnover (see attached schedule) into the D&B Access Bank Account and choose “Offline” payment option.
  • After making payment and uploading the evidence of payment, the system takes you to “Upload Documents”.
  • After uploading and submitting documents, the system takes you to Company Details.
  • Complete the “Basic Details” and edit as appropriate then click “Continue”.
  • The system takes you to “Contact Person” after completing it, click “Next”.
  • On the products page, click “Add Product”.  On the page displayed, type in one Keyword for your Product/Service (E.g Engineering) and click “Search”.
  • From the list provided, select options applicable to your company under the “Product Name”, scroll down, and click “Add Products.”
  • To add more product lines, please repeat steps 3 – 5.
  • On the next page, click “Submit/Save”, the system takes you to the “Preview Page.”
  • At the “Preview” page, you will get to see all the information you have provided along with the products chosen and you can edit the information or add more products.
  • Once done with the preview, you can click the “Submit” button and the system takes you to the “Questionnaire” page. If the system does not respond immediately, please log out and login again.
  • To answer the questions, click on the blue pencil symbol below each question, edit and save. There are 10 questions in all and once done, you will see the” Finish” button, click this to submit the questionnaire.
  • Finally, put your name in the “Attestation” and you have completed the registration process.

Document validation and processing of D-U-N-S Number Certificate takes 10 Business Days from the day you provide ALL required documents. The Certificate will be sent to you via email.

Required Documents

The documents required include the following (this is subject to change based on Client selected):

  • Evidence of company registration – CAC Certificate, CO2 (Allotment of Shares), CO7 (Directors Details)
  • Proof of Address (Utility bill or other 3rd party document showing company address)
  • Current 3 years Audited Accounts ( 2020, 2021 & 2022) with Auditor’s signature and Seal (If your company has been operating for more than 3 years).
  • Current Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) for 2021, 2022 & 2023 
  • VAT Letter – Introduction as VAT collecting Agent.
  • PenCom Certificate (or list of Employees on a Company Letterhead if less than the number mandated by PenCom Act) 
  • Bank reference letter addressed to the Head of Procurement of your Client.
  • Company Profile
  • DPR/NUPRC Permits (If Client is into Oil & Gas)
  • Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any clarification.


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