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SOW Professional Awarded At The Independent Business Awards

SOW Professional awarded at The Independent Business Awards


SOW Professional awarded at The Independent Business Awards : 2024 Independent Tax & Management Consultant Award Winner!*

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that SOW Professional has been awarded as the Best Tax & Management Consultants, Nigeria Award of the Year.
The award was given by AI Media, Staffordshire, UK. This Business Concept award is designed to deliver the latest insights and features of businesses that have favoured the digital space and have thrived in the cut-throat industry.
This outstanding recognition is a testament to our team’s dedication, hard work, and innovative approach to business.
We are delighted to receive this esteemed award, which acknowledges our commitment to excellence and our passion for delivering exceptional results. This achievement motivates us to continue pushing boundaries and striving for greatness.
Our team’s tireless efforts have led to this remarkable accomplishment, and we are proud of each and every one of our members. Their expertise, creativity, and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in driving our success.
This award is a celebration of our innovative business concept, which has revolutionized the industry and set new standards. We are honored to be recognized as a leader in our field and are committed to maintaining our position at the forefront.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our clients, partners, and supporters, who have believed in us and contributed to our journey. Your trust and encouragement have been invaluable, and we are grateful for your unwavering support.
As we accept this prestigious award, we are filled with pride and a sense of accomplishment. We look forward to continued growth, innovation, and success, inspiring others and making a positive impact in our industry.
Congratulations to the entire SOW Professional Services Ltd team on this outstanding achievement! May this award be a catalyst for even greater heights.
SOW professional Services Ltd, Nigeria.


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About us

SOW Professional Ltd is a leading Tax and Management Consultants based in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria. We carry out Financial and Technical Services, independent and specialized support Consulting in Audit and Assurance, Legal and Advisory to both Private and Incorporated organizations. We also carry out Assurance and Forensic Engagement to investigate performances of organizations and set internal controls for to enhance success